The Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit kickoff workshop

We are really happy to have brought this project to life with the workshop held yesterday at the Ouishare Fest 2015 (the main European event on the collaborative economy). The Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit comes from a very simple yet somehow not obvious line of thinking for anyone involved in distributed manufacturing, digitalized supply chains, the makers’ movement and in the whole innovation world around us.

In the midst of the great transition we are facing, challenged on all fronts by software, robotics, platforms, DIY and so on, many small manufacturing companies will never have the tools to survive. While we are trying to shape the future, about 3.4 million jobs have been lost in manufacturing alone in Europe since 2008. Perhaps, it is time to try a different approach. We don’t have a magic wand, but we are working day in day out to make our own little piece in a much bigger and more complex puzzle as good as possible.

And this is why we have decided to work directly on the larger puzzle, coalescing all those folks like us, who aim to produce a significant impact, every day, in a radically positive, agile, and dis-intermediated way.

There is no time to lose, and whoever says that it takes time to let organizations and institutions adapt to new transparent, direct and horizontal models perhaps doesn’t really have the overriding motivation to take up the challenge.

The Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit is a project that’s coalescing both private and social innovative collectives to work on an instrument that may be put into the hands of every artisan, every small/medium business and their partners, and into their districts: a system of concrete and effective actions that in just a few months can create positive and tangible effects.

We know it’s ambitious, and to some we might seem naïve or arrogant, but we know through first­hand experience what it means to set off down a new path.

So we have decided to launch an open and collaborative model by building a proper research project and a set of tools and actions that anyone can apply.

I’ll leave you with some pictures of the workshop that generated a lot of enthusiasm and began to attract our initial community of contributors.

Watch out, because we are super-motivated, folks!

P.S. Unfortunately, the project website under construction is only in English – sorry but that’s just the way it is! 😉


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