Fab Labs as artisan workshops

We strongly believe that the products of the future need to be invented in a new way, but also manufactured in a new way, thinking about supply chains and distribution, building a new relationship with the one who knows how to make things and those who want to use them.

For this reason, we believe that traditional craft companies and new digital manufacturing labs must communicate and complete each others, mixing skills and technologies, helping and working together on the products of tomorrow.

Our platform connects hundreds of italian product designers and manufacturers who collaborate to reinvent the whole supply chain in a more sustainable and p2p way: we now are ready to extend the platform outside Italy and we believe that fablabs should be the starting point of this new adventure.

Are you a fab lab or a makerspace interested in becoming an artisan workshop of the new era?
Would you like to make money from your machines and give a chance to your community’ skills?
Would you be interested in bringing to market the projects and prototypes only?

We are working on a legal and procedural framework to make this a reality, through our platform.

Fill out this form to build this path with us!

(it’s an expression of interest to which we will follow a proposal of work and input into the network of our small businesses)

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