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Km Zero Design

Product designers showcase their projects, prototype remotely with a local maker, the product becomes e-commerce ready. The local maker closest to the customer will manufacture on-demand.

Matching and peer-review

The Concept Stage is the place reserved and safe where designers propose new product ideas for small businesses that can decide to "adopt" and prototype, as well as the entire community that revises giving useful tips to development.


The Labour Journal, the sharing of multimedia files and technicians to develop and prototype products also at a distance, are some of the tools available to designers and companies to collaborate.

Distribution and sale

All products developed by craftsmen and designers are placed in e-commerce, can be purchased in the form of finished products, parts to be assembled or project download (depending on availability and the will of those who have given life to the product).

The products are ordered online and are produced on-demand, withdrawable and manufactured at the craftsman closer to the customer, or manufactured and shipped directly by the Prototyper craftsman. They can also be distributed by other e-commerce and traditional shops.

Are you a designer or a company?



Paradigm change

Democratization of the development and distribution of products supports creativity and small businesses, also giving space to the hyper-customized product for "long queues".

Distributed manufacturing

We need to stop to make goods travel and transfer projects, through a local and peer-production system we broke down costs, save the environment and support local economies.

Business model

We support the designers' ideas with royalties of 10%; a market opportunity even for small craftsmen. Prototyping a design, companies gain a right to royalties on units sold and especially on the sale of sub-licenses that allow other network companies to become manufacturers of the same project.

Tailored for you

The platform was established as a service for SMEs and product designer, but you can enable specific projects and services using technology alone or interacting with users of our network

Call for designers

We can use our platform to organize call for designers and events, managing confidentiality and specific payment systems (see Call for Civil Society Pavilion at EXPO 2015)

White labeling

You can rent the platform on an external domain, or as a service, installing it on the client's server with custom graphics.

Ad-hoc projects

Our community is a potential for production and creativity skills, and international expansion continues. We create together new digital and analog supply chain projects.

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