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The Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit comes from a very simple reflection and somehow not obvious to anyone involved in distributed manufacturing, digitized supply chains, makers and all innovation world around us.

In the midst of the great transition that we are facing, challenged by the software, the robots, the same platforms, from self and so, many small companies in manufacturing will never have the tools to survive all this.
while we imagine the future, about 3.4 million jobs were lost in manufacturing, only in Europe since 2008. Perhaps it is time to act differently.
we do not have in your pocket the answers, we work to make the best possible our small piece of a “puzzle” far broader and more complex.

And ‘why we have decided to work directly to the larger puzzle coalescing all those like us, every day, looking on the field to produce a significant impact, so agile, disintermediated and radically positive.
There is no time and who says it takes time to adapt organizations and all institutions to new models more agile, transparent and direct, perhaps not really the right motivation to take up the challenge.
The Manufacturing Recovery Toolkit is a project that is innovative collective subjects coalescing, private and social, to work on an instrument that put in the hands of every small business in the territories, their partners and their districts a concrete and effective action system in few months can create a positive effect.

Kick-off workshop by Andrea Cattabriga

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