We develop design-driven solutions for
distributed, local and sustainable

From concepting of new supply chains, to product manufacturing and distribution, we frame services and innovative processes because Design is our language.

Supply chains

We design and implement safe, local, sustainable supply chains, tailored to your needs. We check the steps and the resources used to accompany your idea in the path to becoming a successful product on the market.

The management and control of the entire production chain through a feasibility study and a set of activities specifically planned and monitored over time, is for us the tool for process operation guarantee and then of the product's future success.

We strongly believe that the success of a product lies first of all in the process that led to its birth and its subsequent development; problem solving, design, control of production steps, monitoring of resources, sources and easily traceable raw materials are crucial to the quality of any product on the market.

We create for you a sustainable and innovative supply chains which may take advantage of the valuable collaboration of distributed and manufacture digital networks depending on your real goals and values, managing to put in place really unique skills.


From problem-solving to distribution, through the local and sustainable production: the product that you did not expect to realize now we can do it, together.

Do you want to create a specific product for your company, innovative in design and content, accessible to all, based on a careful selection of materials and ready for distribution? From the set up of an idea to the analysis of an intuition or a specific need, Slow / d takes you through participatory chain steps, controlled and sustainable, directly to the finished product.

We provide our know-how on production, our selected suppliers and our designers network according to your needs. We share with you goals, positioning strategies of your product on the market using all the innovative tools at our disposal such as crowdfunding campaigns, sharing with you, too, the business risks.

Training and events

Workshops, courses and seminars: we attune our culture and our skills on tailored format of knowledge transfer. From academia to small company, we orient research and practical cases study on new manufacturing systems and on design-driven innovation.

We offer training on integration between innovative work tools and new production scenarios to deal with awareness and preparation on "what to expect" without then taking it, anticipating the most constructive solutions and proposals.

We organize training events, workshops and moments of confrontation between design professionals and other sectors. Contact us to learn more.


Research and cultural production are the basis of our work, for this we support continuously moments of confrontation, events, think-tanks and publications to support the shared construction of a sustainable future.

Design, manufacturing, accessibility, collaboration and innovation are just some of the words we use most frequently.

Knowing how to interpret equilibriums and rules that form the basis of the rapid changes that manufacturing - and not only - is subjected today, with a global outlook and not a restricted, becomes an advantage for everyone only if this knowledge is shared and circulated.

We are makers!

We support Democenter-Sipe Foundation in managing Makers Modena Fab Lab and Fab Lab Terre di Castelli by providing the community of makers our experience on the distributed manufacturing topics, product development and design management.

We live in a paradigm of continuous change that offers us new facts production scenarios not only to share visions but real, effective networks, hyper-connected and especially collaborative, composed of intelligent people that can create concrete situations in which knowledge is put into circulation and available to all for a common growth.

We believe that this not only makes sense but can only bring real benefits where other systems have so far failed, and structuring new possible scenarios for a sustainable manufacturing really limitless. To demonstrate this we got in the game and we are here to share with you this journey.

Chi Siamo

Slowd è la community dove designer e artigiani collaborano per costruire insieme una nuova cultura del fare e del produrre. Dietro ad ogni prodotto c’è la storia di un incontro e di un momento di crescita, di confronto, di cultura.


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